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Idaho House & Senate Issue Joint Memorial of Opposition to Vaccine Mandates

November 18, 2021

House Republican Caucus Responds to Idaho’s New Legislative Boundaries

November 5, 2021

Federalism Release

September 20, 2021

Speaker Bedke to make new appointment to reapportionment commission

July 16, 2021

attorney general’s office provides analysis on legislature’s recess

May 13, 2021

speaker bedke reaffirms respectful workplace policy for house staff

May 12, 2021

asst. majority leader rep. jason monks releases statement on house bill 135a

April 21, 2021

idaho house republican caucus responds to vetoes

April 16, 2021

republican leadership discovers immunization registry violations

April 9, 2021

rep. palmer working to improve your roads and bridges

March 17, 2021

tax cut plan passes house of representatives

March 17, 2021

rep. ehardt helping to spread fairness in women’s sports

March 12, 2021

house republican caucus applauds cdh decision

February 19, 2021

legislation would provide needed flexibility for state agencies

February 18, 2021

statement from asst. majority leader rep. monks on passing of house bill 135

February 16, 2021

speaker bedke announces formation of historical working group

February 5, 2021

house republican caucus clears up the confusion

January 27, 2021

speaker bedke and former president pro tem hill win lawsuit against treasurer, again

January 26, 2021

house republicans respond to governor’s comments

January 22, 2021

republican leadership works for compromise; minority party works to fundraise

January 18, 2021

statement from speaker of the house scott bedke on complaint

January 7, 2021

house republican caucus highlights safety precautions ahead of legislative session

December 21, 2020

house republican caucus announces committee assignments for 2021 and 2022

December 4, 2020

house republican caucus announces committee chairs and vice chairs for 2021 and 2022

December 4, 2020

house republican caucus announces leadership for 2021 and 2022

December 2, 2020

republican legislators release joint statement on elections

November 16, 2020

statement on idaho state treasurer’s refusal to follow the law

September 2, 2020

an open letter to idaho state police

August 27, 2020

house republican caucus supports peace of mind for idahoans

August 26, 2020

a statement from speaker of the house scott bedke

August 25, 2020

house republican caucus ready for special session as attorney general issues decision on scope

August 24, 2020

republican caucuses make statements on special session

August 19, 2020

house republican caucus applauds decision to hold special session

August 5, 2020

speaker bedke and president pro tem hill win lawsuit against treasurer

July 20, 2020

republican leaders appoint joint working groups to address covid-19

June 29, 2020

house republican caucus announces members serving on joint property tax interim committee

June 8, 2020

idaho house republican caucus mourns the loss of representative thyra stevenson

May 11, 2020

speaker bedke helps to keep idaho primary election on may 19

March 30, 2020

speaker of the house statement on covid-19 in idaho

March 25, 2020

republican caucuses take proactive steps to fight coronavirus

March 17, 2020

Caucus continues working for tax relief

March 11, 2020

Caucus opposes unnecessary surgery for sexual abuser

March 11, 2020

house republican caucus statement on the treasurer’s budget

March 6, 2020

Representative gary collins will not seek reelection

March 2, 2020

Caucus helps form idaho behavioral health council

February 19, 2020

Judge denies treasurer’s motion to appeal lawsuit

January 23, 2020

speaker of the house introduces tax relief bill for idaho families

January 22, 2020

house republican caucus announces start of session news conference

December 30, 2019

republican caucus brings town hall series to northern idaho

December 9, 2019

judge denies treasurer’s motion to dismiss lawsuit

December 6, 2019

House Republican Leaders Bring Town Hall Series to Canyon County

November 12, 2019

statement on medicaid expansion costs

November 4, 2019

judge to make decision on complaint against treasurer

October 31, 2019

NEW venue: House Republicans to host town hall in idaho falls

October 15, 2019

House Republican leadership Continues Town Hall Series In Rexburg

September 13, 2019

New working group to help provide property tax relief

September 12, 2019

Rep. holtzclaw honored for public safety work

August 15, 2019

Rep. boyle elected chairman of wlftf

August 12, 2019

House Republican Leadership Continues successful town hall series

August 6, 2019

rep. kauffman elected to vice chair at csg west

July 29, 2019

Idaho house republican caucus joins with governor little to further cut REGULATORY burdens and reduce government oversight

July 19, 2019

Idaho Legislature Seeks Judgement Confirming Legislative Control of Capitol Floors

June 21, 2019

House Republicans announce new committee chairman

May 9, 2019

Legislature looks to increase transparency on rules

April 9, 2019

Governor signs bill creating idaho way forward on medicaid expansion

April 9, 2019

statement on veto of senate bill 1159

April 5, 2019

Idaho house republican caucus sets the record straight on former treasurer’s allegations

April 1, 2019

republican leadership introduces bill that addresses concerns with updating referendum process

March 28, 2019

House Caucus Responds to unnecessary cease and desist by former treasurer

March 26, 2019

statement on passage of house bill 277

March 21, 2019

House Caucus Responds to SB 1159

March 15, 2019

House of Representatives Requests Capitol Restoration and Renovation Agreement from 2008 be Recognized

March 14, 2019

Statement on HB 276 Vote

March 14, 2019

Legislation Looks To Strengthen Parental Rights For Sex education

March 6, 2019

House Majority Caucus Supports Rep. Vander Woude’s Legislation on Medicaid Expansion

March 4, 2019

House Republicans Look To Help Idaho Deal With Federal Lands Issues

Feb 28, 2019

House Republican Caucus Statement on S1028 Vote

Feb 28, 2019

Governor Signs Bill to Protect Ranching and Farming Families

Feb 27, 2019

Speaker Bedke Honored For Sage Grouse Stewardship

Feb 21, 201

House Republicans Recommend More Investment in Idaho’s Future Through Education Budget

Feb 18, 201

Education Committees Will Hold Public Hearing On New Equitable School Funding Formula

Feb 7, 2019

caucus asks for Additional Member to Redistricting Commission to Eliminate Gridlock and Litigation

Feb 6, 2019

Rep. Fred Wood Introduces Legislation Clarifying Administration of Opioid Adversary, Naloxone – Public Would Have Easier Access

Jan 30, 2019

School Districts Can Email Data to Legislature for Correct Representation for Formula Funding

Jan 29, 2019

Speaker Scott Bedke Named Water Statesman

Jan 24, 2019

Speaker Scott Bedke Introduces This Session’s First Piece of Legislation

Jan 8, 2019

Idaho House Republican Caucus Announces 2019 and 2020 Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

Dec 07,2018

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