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Coeur d’Alene


Paul grew up on a small family farm where he learned the lessons about a hard day’s work and developed an appreciation and connection with the land. He worked multiple jobs during college to help pay his way through school, including working for a dairy processing facility, a large tree nursery, and an agricultural chemical company where he spent time building railroads.

During college, Paul met the love of his life, Julie, through mutual friends. Paul and Julie quickly fell in love and were married soon after graduation, celebrating their thirteenth wedding anniversary this past January.

For the past ten years, Paul has been working as an administrator at multiple colleges and universities throughout the United States where he has helped support students and developed educational programs that have spurred the economic development of the communities in which he worked. He previously worked for the University of Idaho in Coeur d’Alene, as the Director of Program Planning and Development.

Paul has an education and development consulting business with his wife and owns a small family farm with his brother and sister.

While working over the past ten years, Paul spent time earning both a Master’s and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership to better shape his understanding of the educational system.

He has been proud to call North Idaho home for the past six years, coming to love the many wonderful aspects of living in as Paul describes it, “God’s Country.” His wife, Julie, has family who grew up in North Idaho and currently live locally, in Post Falls. Paul and Julie had their first child, Peter, in September of 2017. Paul has been active in various community groups including those focused on community activism, tourism, the arts, and economic development.

For fun, Paul enjoys spending time at one of our community’s true Gems, the Kroc Center, where you can find him bright and early almost every morning. He also enjoys hiking in our local mountains, playing Parks and Rec softball, and most importantly, spending time with his wife and son.To learn more about Paul send him an email at Paul@AmadorForIdaho.com


  • Ways & Means – Chair

  • Appropriations

  • Environment, Energy & Technology

  • Judiciary, Rules & Administration

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