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Gary’s professional career has been in education. He has taught at the junior high, high school, and college levels. Gary spent twelve years as a teacher and administrator in the public schools of the Idaho Falls area and was on the faculty of Ricks College/Brigham Young University-Idaho for 27 years teaching American Heritage and history. During part of his tenure at BYU-Idaho, he served as department and division chair and as the second dean of the College of Education. In that role, he helped to secure approval for BYU-Idaho as a teacher training institution in the state of Idaho. For the last several years, he has taught the instructional methods classes for all students wishing to become secondary teachers in history and the social sciences. Ramona also taught elementary school for many years and is deeply committed to good education.

Gary was raised on a farm and continued to farm with his father during his first years as a public school teacher. He still lives on a small farm (95 acres) that he operates himself or leases to neighboring farmers. He also built houses with his sons and operated an agricultural spraying business for several years (so that he could earn enough money to take care of his family and keep teaching). He worked for two years (full-time and then part-time while going back to graduate school) at the INL as a technical writer and as an operations and project manager at Test Area North. For several years, he served on the Bonneville County Library Board and is presently serving as a lay panelist for Idaho Board of Medicine’s pre-litigation process.


  • Agricultural Affairs
  • Education
  • Judiciary, Rules & Administration

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