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Investing in Our Future

Chairman of the House Transportation Committee Rep. Joe Palmer is working to provide better roads and bridges to the people of Idaho. House Bill 342, which the House of Representatives passed on Wednesday, is a comprehensive solution to address the needs of the state and local highway districts. It would ensure more funds go to critical transportation projects across Idaho,  without raising your taxes.

“Idaho’s population is exploding, but to maintain our high quality of life, we must manage our growth by providing for smart investments in our infrastructure, especially transportation,” said Chairman Palmer. “This legislation allows growth to help pay for itself by funding transportation needs, which are essential for the economic prosperity Idaho continues to enjoy.”

The bill now heads to the Senate for consideration.

Tax Cut Plan Passes House

Your Idaho House Republican Caucus passed a desperately needed tax cut plan on Wednesday. House Bill 332 is sponsored by Chairman of the Revenue & Taxation Committee Rep. Steven Harris and every member of House Republican Caucus Leadership. This legislation would provide nearly $400 million in tax relief for Idaho families by cutting income tax and providing a rebate for people who paid income tax last year.

“Right now, this state has a surplus. This tax plan returns that surplus to its rightful owners, the taxpayers of Idaho,” said Chairman Harris. “It also changes tax policy for the future to make it more fair to individuals, small businesses, and families.”

This 2021 tax relief bill cuts the rate for all income tax brackets and gives taxpayers money right now by providing a one-time sales tax/income tax rebate. This legislation is also now in the Senate for consideration. 

Limiting Health Ordinances

Your Idaho Republican Caucus is limiting the reach of health ordinances and balancing government powers. Representative Brandon Mitchell’s House Bill 74 is now law, with the Governor signing it recently. The reach of city health ordinances will now be limited to city limits, as they should be.

Veterans’ Property Taxes Cut

More disabled veterans in Idaho will be paying less in property taxes. House Bill 120, co-sponsored by Representative Scott Syme, was signed into law by the Governor on Wednesday. The law will make it easier for disabled veterans to take advantage of a special property tax reduction after they move to a new home.

Free Market Competition

With the Governor’s signature on Wednesday, Rep. Caroline Nilsson Troy’s House Bill 141 is now law. This bill creates a more competitive market for Idaho colleges and universities. It does so by establishing that any contracts between Idaho agencies and Idaho public institutions of higher education must be awarded on a competitive basis. Not only will there likely be savings to the Idaho taxpayer from increased competition but also a wider disbursement of contracts.

Keep Updated

You can learn more about all the legislation being debated by our Caucus members. Just check the House Reading Calendar found at the link below: