Power to the People’s Houses

On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a piece of legislation important to rebalancing the government powers in our state. House Joint Resolution 1 amends the Idaho Constitution to allow the Legislature to convene itself into an extraordinary session within 15 days of a written request of 60% each of the House and Senate membership. It also describes the convening of the organizational session at the beginning of each legislative term. HJR1 is co-sponsored by 44 members of the House Republican Caucus.

Working for Compromise

Republican House Leaders continue working to provide a safe and inclusionary workplace for all members. Unfortunately, minority party leaders are focused on fundraising instead of negotiating for their own Caucus members. That’s why Speaker of the House Scott Bedke had to step in and reallocate office space to address the request of the complaining members. 

“In light of recent events, it has become clear that the minority has no interest in problem solving and would prefer instead to take advantage of the situation of their own manufacture,” states House Speaker Scott Bedke. “In the interest of the complaining members of the minority and the lack of action by their leadership, by way of House Rule 63, I have re-assigned office space to better accommodate minority members.”

Idahoans are Essential

House Majority Caucus Chair Rep. Megan Blanksma and Senate Majority Caucus Chair Sen. Mark Harris co-authored an editorial that’s getting attention around the state. The piece is titled, “Idahoans are Essential.” It discusses the new package of legislation from Republican members of the House and Senate that would rebalance government powers and ensure that no Idahoan is ever deemed anything less than essential.

Recognizing the USS Idaho

A new bill recognizes the significance of the United States Navy naming a ship after the Great State of Idaho. House Concurrent Resolution 3 was printed and will be heard in the Transportation & Defense Committee. The fast attack nuclear submarine is the 5th ship to be named the USS Idaho and the first ship in over 100 years to be named such. Idaho has strong ties to the submarine community of the U.S. Navy. INL was the training ground for the first nuclear submarines and Bayview, in northern Idaho, has contributed greatly to the development of submarine design. The submarine is scheduled for commissioning in 2023.

Keep Updated

You can learn more about all the legislation being debated by our Caucus members. Just check the House Reading Calendar found at the link below.