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Beef, It’s What’s Helping Drive Our Economy
The Idaho Cattle Association’s Annual Legislative Luncheon drew quite a crowd to the Capitol rotunda on Monday. Three members of the Caucus are former Presidents of the ICA; Rep. Laurie Lickley, Rep. Jerald Raymond, and Speaker of the House Scott Bedke. Even more members have worked their whole lives in ranching. We know the huge economic impact the beef industry provides to Idaho, and we’re proud to be a part of it.
On Your Radio This Week
Two more Caucus members will be on your radio this week. Speaker of the House Scott Bedke appears on KLIX on Wednesday morning. You can hear Representative John Vander Woude on KBOI Friday morning. As always, thanks for tuning in!
Saluting Our Pages

We bid a fond farewell to the House Pages who helped us through the first part of the session. They brought great energy and enthusiasm, and made our jobs much easier. We appreciate everything they did and will miss them.
Photo Courtesy: Rep. Paul Amador

New Legislation from Members

Helping First-Time Home Buyers

Representative Robert Anderst’s new legislation would waive taxes on money being saved for a down payment on a home. House Bill 483 would allow first-time home buyers to forgo paying taxes on as much as $15,000 per year, or $30,000 for a couple.

“All this bill does is provide a tool to allow individuals and married couples to save up for a first home,” said Rep. Robert Anderst. “The idea is to help foster a culture of saving toward the purchase of a new home.”

Anderst added that research shows the amount of money people are putting into their first home purchase is dwindling, while the value is increasing.

Property Tax Relief

House Majority Leader Rep. Mike Moyle’s bill aimed at starting a conversation on solutions to skyrocketing property taxes is headed to the House floor. The House Revenue and Taxation Committee passed House Bill 409 on Thursday after days of testimony. The legislation would impose a one-year, statewide freeze on property taxes.

“I am trying to accomplish a slowdown in the growth of property taxes,” said Rep. Moyle. “And, I am trying to force these taxing districts to come to the table and find a solution.”

Moyle added that something needs to be done quickly, because people are being forced out of their homes.

Protecting Idaho Children

Representative Chad Christensen’s new legislation would help keep sex offenders away from children. Right now, Idaho law says sex offenders can’t be or live within 500 feet of a school, but it says nothing of daycares. House Bill 457 would add registered Idaho daycares to that list.

“If the family knows there is this new law in effect, it should help with any possible dangers in the area,” said Rep. Christensen. “I think this is peace of mind that would help families.”

Current residents would be grandfathered in, so no one would be kicked out of their homes. The House Judiciary, Rules and Administration Committee sent the bill to the full House on Thursday.

Learn More

You can learn more about new legislation as it’s being introduced by our caucus members by following any of the House committee agendas that can be found by clicking below.